New & Easy
Digitalized Probing

Disposable tip

Tip length 7mm / 13mm

Pam image1

Pam image2

Pam entirely transforms periodontal probing


Quick, easy and accurate!

Depending on the skill and experience probing data could differ in various way in manual probing. However, by this new tool. Pam anyone perform easy and accurate periodontal probing with 20 - 25g of pressure (recommended) .


No assistants!

Only press the footswitch, the data obtained by Pam will automatically be collected in the system. No longer need to bing back the probe and pen, Focusing on the probing and save more time by Pam.

Pam image3


Tip needle recedes at over 20 - 25 grams of pressure.

Pocket depth is measured nearby millimeter.


Insert Pam to an appropriate position

Pam image4


Tap the footswitch and confirm measurement

Pam image5

Tap the footswitch to send pocket depth data to the application.

Tap the other one to send “bleeding”.


Automatic input into the linked application

Pam image6

The measured value of pocket depth is automatically recorded in the supplied “PERIOSTUDIO”.


Print and utilize

Pam image7

Print out also available. The patient data can be used for futher explaination.

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